Saturday, June 27, 2009


This disease is so unpredictable. One minute I can be fine, and the next I'm in the middle of a full blown anaphylactic attack. I know some of my triggers, but many still remain a mystery to me. Sometimes I react to them, sometimes I don't. Here are the triggers that I am aware of:


Heat- I live in South Texas where the temperature is around 105 all summer long.

Humidity- a killer for me.

My menstrual cycle- I had a hysterectomy, but I still know when it is, because I shock for a couple of days.


Melon- cantaloupe & honey dew

Loud Bass sound- I know, it's weird.


Air Fresheners and Flower scented candles- I do o.k. with vanilla and other food scented candles.


City Water- last summer the city put some chemical in the water because they found some bacteria. I took a bath and ended up with blisters and hives on my body. When I would enter the bathroom, I would have breathing attacks. We ended up getting a filtration system for the house. It can't be healthy for anyone.

Spicy Food




Strong Smells

These are the triggers I am aware of. Sometimes I become ill when exposed to them, sometimes I don't.


  1. The bass sound - OMG - I get weird, deep itching in my throat if I am near a deep bass sound (I also get the same sensation if someone blows in my face hard)

  2. Hi Francie,

    Great blog, we seem to have a great deal in common. I'm also from South Texas, what part of Texas are you from? Hope you don't mind me asking. My wife and I live in Victoria.

  3. Francie,

    Contact me through email if you would, my email address is:


  4. Why aren't you blogging anymore? Please blog!It's so helpful. I am just going through the diagnosis phase

  5. I'm astounded. I've never encountered anyone else that has symptoms triggered by smells or loud sounds. The paramedics look at me like I'm completely nuts when I tell them that's what triggered it.